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Paxum offers cost-effective and time-saving convenience for Webcam Studio payroll management.

What are the benefits
During the last few years Paxum has cultivated robust relationships with Top Cam Platforms in the online adult entertainment industry. Consequently, Webcam Studio owners are able to instantly receive payments from the Cam Platforms they promote, and send outgoing instant bulk payments to their worldwide performers, all within a matter of minutes. Since incoming and outgoing payments are managed within the same platform, the time spent performing payment tasks is significantly reduced when using Paxum. Enjoy these benefits and more
Receive instant payment(s) from Top Cam Platform companies.
Send instant bulk payments worldwide, for a flat fee per transaction.
Confirm Performers Identity.
Access detailed statements for easy account management.
Feel confident using a payment platform that welcomes adult industry professionals without prejudice.
No sign-up fees, no monthly fees, no minimum balance required.
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