Got Questions?

How do I request a Paxum Prepaid Mastercard card?
When will my Paxum Prepaid Mastercard card be delivered?
I just received my Paxum Prepaid Mastercard. Now what?
Does my card have an expiration?
How do I add funds to my Paxum Prepaid Mastercard card?
In what currency is the card issued?
Where can I use the card?
When my card expires what do I need to do to get a new one?
I found unauthorized charges on my Paxum Prepaid Mastercard card. What should I do?
What do I do if I lost my card?
I have not received my card.
My card is not working
I have exceeded all my PIN tries
I want to change my card PIN
My card has been swallowed by an ATM
I have loaded my card, but I cannot see the funds in my transaction history
I have made a POS (point of sale) purchase with my card but it is still pending
Why was my POS Purchase declined?
I don't recognize a POS Purchase!
I want a refund for something I bought with my Paxum card
I didn't receive the correct amount of cash at the ATM