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Currency Inquiry

Currency Inquiry

Currency Inquiry

Field Name Len Type Req Ver Comments
method N/A Alp Yes 1.1 currencyInquiry
fromEmail N/A Alp-Num Yes 1.1 The email associated with the account
status N/A Num -- 1.2 0 = Inactive currencies
1/NULL = Active currencies
2 = All currencies
key N/A Alp-Num Yes 1.1 MD5(sharedSecret)

This request is responded by a message with the following content:

Field Name Len Type Mdt Ver Comments
ResponseCode N/A Alp-Num Yes 1.1 The response code; 00 = Success;
ResponseDescription N/A Alp-Num Yes 1.1 Human readable response
Fee N/A Real Yes 1.1 Fee for the current transaction
Currencies/Currency/Code 3 Alp Yes 1.1 The currency code
Currencies/Currency/Active 1 Alp Yes 1.1 0 = not active
1 = active

Request Sample:



Response Sample

<?xml version="1.0"?>
	<ResponseDescription>Approved or Completed Successfully</ResponseDescription >

Working Sample(s):