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Request money

Request Money

This transaction is used to request funds from one account. For now only checking to checking transfers are allowed.

Field Name Len Type Req Ver Comments
method N/A Alp-Num Yes 1.0 requestMoney
fromEmail N/A Alp-Num Yes 1.0 The email associated with the account where the amount is transfered to. This is the account initiating the transfer
toEmail N/A Alp-Num Yes 1.0 The email associated with the account from which the amount is deducted
amount N/A Real Yes 1.0 The amount to be transfered (requested amount)
currency 3 Alp Yes 1.0 The currency code (e.g. USD)
transactionCategory 1 Num -- 1.1 The category of the transaction (optional, if omited the default category is 5)
O = None
1 = Auction Goods
2 = Goods
3 = Auction Services
4 = Services
5 = Quasi Cash
6 = Payments
key N/A Alp-Num Yes 1.0 MD5(sharedSecret + toEmail + amount + currency)

This request is responded by a message with the following content:

Field Name Len Type Mdt Ver Comments
ResponseCode N/A Alp-Num Yes 1.0 The response code; 00 = Success;
ResponseDescription N/A Alp-Num Yes 1.0 Human readable response
Fee N/A Real Yes 1.0 Fee for the current transaction

Request Sample:



Response Sample

<?xml version="1.0"?>
	<ResponseDescription>Approved or Completed Successfully</ResponseDescription >

Working Sample(s):