Referral Program

Do you regularly send or receive money online?

Are you seeking a low-cost option that not only SAVES you money, but MAKES you money too?

Then you may wish to enroll in the Payment Ewallet Referral Program!

Ewallet is growing in popularity due to the ease, convenience, and low-cost of its global ewallet instant money transfer service.

Now you can earn some extra money by helping to spread the word about Ewallet!

  • Reffer your friends
  • Reffer your family
  • Reffer your colleagues
  • Reffer your employees
  • Reffer your customers

Refer anyone who might value a cheap, convenient and instant method to send and receive money anywhere in the world, and you can earn some money that will be instantly delivered into your verified Ewallet account!

With Ewallet you can send cash instantly and receive cash instantly. Ewallet clients can choose to spend their funds at various online merchants who accept Ewallet as a payment method; or they can withdraw their cash instantly through any Mastercard ATM worldwide; send an instant P2P payment to another Ewallet user; or withdraw via any of Ewallet's multiple withdrawal options.

Are you an Internet Marketer seeking a way to get paid so you can access your earnings immediately?

Those working in Affiliate Marketing, Leads Generation, and other types of Online Referral Services will find extra value by signing up with Ewallet. As we grow our Merchant database with more Affiliate Programs and other commission-based services issuing affiliate/publisher payments via Ewallet, you'll be able to use Ewallet even more, as well as increase your referrals! By referring your Online colleagues and partners you can definitely add some easy extra dollars to your Ewallet account balance!

E-Commerce Merchant Seeking Additional Payment Method?

Add Ewallet And Get Paid!

E-commerce merchants are also regularly adding Ewallet as a payment method, meaning low-cost transfer fees and instant payment delivery through just an email address. If you are an E-Commerce Merchant you can definitely gain by adding Ewallet as a payment option. Not only are there no fees to receive money, but those funds are immediately available to you without chargebacks. PLUS, now you can earn some extra cash when your customers signup for a Ewallet account from your unique URL on your site!
For more information on how Ewallet can help your business save time and money, please visit our contact page and get in touch with us.

With your help our service can grow even larger and a greater number of online merchants will be eager to start accepting and using Ewallet as a payment method, resulting in even more ways to receive and spend your money!

You can earn the following payouts when either of the following criteria are met from a referred Ewallet client:

  • Earn $7 USD for every Ewallet client you refer who activates a Ewallet Mastercard.
  • Earn $5 USD for every Ewallet client you refer who externally funds their account with a minimum of $200 USD (as one payment)

Immediately upon achieving the requirements, those earnings will be instantly deposited to your Ewallet ewallet and available for use!

  • No Holds
  • No Waits
  • No Minimum Payouts
  • Just Pure Hard Cash!

Remember, it's simple, easy, and it's FREE for every Verified Ewallet client to enroll and use their unique link to share with friends, family, co-workers, or even on your website(s). Don't wait to receive the suggestion from one of your friends, grab the bull by the horns today and signup, get enrolled and start adding some more dollars to your earnings by promoting our excellent low-cost Global Money Transfer Service, while you continue to enjoy all the benefits of Ewallet's service!

  • The only requirement for Ewallet Affiliate Program Enrollment is that you MUST have a Verified Ewallet Account.
  • So go ahead, login to your Ewallet Account and click 'Enroll' today, and start earning cash for your referrals!

If you don't already have a Verified Ewallet account, getting one is easy, and you can signup for free, with no monthly fees, no maintenance fees, and very low 'pay-as-you-go' type fees. Full fee information is available in our FEES section. Visit our Signup page today and within minutes you can be on your way to a great new way to send and receive money online, while increasing your earning potential at the same time!