PAXUM Personal


Manage your finances with Paxum Personal Account.

If you are an online entreprenuer and receive your earnings from multiple places, Paxum e-wallet helps you better control your finances. Not being attached to any location allows you to save time and be free: freedom of traveling around the world or simply having more time to relax at home, this is Paxum. Most banks will not offer you sophisticated online banking or will not allow you to make transfers from your accounts online. This is very inconvenient and when most of the online users are now used to instant processes, it also becomes very aggravating and time consuming. To solve this problem Paxum allows users to send and receive money directly to your Paxum account by either a wire transfer, direct deposit or Paxum online transfer between other Paxum users. By accumulating all your funds in one place, you can further withdraw that money at any ATM, make purchases with your Paxum Card on any website or brick and mortar store/restaurant or simply transfer the money from your Paxum account to your personal bank account anywhere in the world.

By opening an online account with Paxum, you gain instant access to the full e-wallet system, where you can receive and send money from and to other Paxum account holders. More importantly, you will improve flexibility in your finances as you will gain instant access to your funds across the world, and you will be able to use your money however you see fit, wherever you may be and travel.


By opening an account with Paxum you automatically create a current account in our e-wallet system. The default currency of your account is USD (US dollars). With your Paxum current account you can:

  • Receive money from other Paxum users.
  • Send money to other Paxum users instantly.
  • Load funds to your Paxum account from your bank account anywhere in the world.
  • Load funds to your Paxum account by regular check by mail.
  • Transfer funds to your Paxum Card Account to be used by your Paxum card if you belong to a corporation payroll program.
  • Withdraw funds via Wire Transfer to your bank account anywhere in the world.
  • Withdraw funds via Check by mail.

*Please note we cannot accept any 3rd party Bank Wire Transfers to fund your account.

Add Funds
  • By Wire transfer from your bank account.
  • By check or money order send to us by mail.
Transfer Funds With just one click you can initiate an internal or external money transfer.
Internal money transfers are transfers within PAXUM E-Wallet system. They include:
  • Transfers between your eWallet accounts.
  • Transfers to other Paxum account holders.

External money transfers are made outside Paxum E-Wallet system to your bank account. You can make a transfer to your verified bank accounts anywhere in the world.

Receive Money Paxum allows its account holders to receive money to their account in various ways. These methods include:
  • Instant transfer from other Paxum account holders.
  • Incoming bank wire transfer.
  • Check or money order send to us by mail.


Verification of an account is a procedure where Paxum account holder sends or uploads his proof of identity to our verification department. Once this procedure is done your limits will be upgraded.

  Verified Account Limits Unverified Account Limits
  Current Accounts Current Accounts
  Monthly Daily Monthly Daily
Account Balance unlimited unlimited Not to exceed $10,000
Incoming Funds
note: includes money received from other Paxum users or from external funds
unlimited unlimited Not to exceed $10,000 $10,000
Funds Withdrawal $10,000 per day $0 $0
Number of Transactions 75 5 0 0

Fees (not related to the card)

all fees are in USD

Current Account Monthly Maintenance FREE
Funds Transfer To Other Paxum Account Holders $0.25
Loading Funds By Wire $50.00
Loading Funds By Check or Money Order $5.00
Funds Withdrawal From Current Account by Wire $50.00
Funds Withdrawal From Current Account by Check $5.00
Funds Withdrawal From Current Account By EFT $8.95
Loading Funds By EFT Temporarily unavailable
Funds Withdrawal From Current Account By ACH $5.00
Loading Funds By ACH $5.00
EFT (ACH) Returned Transaction $25.00
EFT (ACH) Bank Account Verification $1.00
* Some restrictions apply